Writing chemical formulas and units

This is a paid feature and requires a subscription. You can try it for free, but it's limited to 7 letters.

You can use our "ChemText" technology to easily write units, chemical formulas and reactions. ChemText is available for labels and arrows.

To enable it, select an arrow or a label and toggle the "Smart detection of units and chemical formulas" in the ChemText section

You can now write chemical formulas. You can write

  • compounds, e.g. "H2SO4":
  • ions, e.g. "Na+":
    • ions with multiple atoms and charges can be written too, e.g. "SO42-"
  • Reaction arrows can be written like this: "A <- B", "C -> D", "E <-> F"
  • Units can be written like this, e.g. "30cm3"
  • You can combine all of the above to write e.g. "30 cm3 of H2O":
  • Hydration dot is typed with ".", without gaps: e.g. "CuSO4.5H2O"

  • Temperature units are typed using "oC" and "oF" immediately after a number. In other contexts, use "degC" and "degF" with a space at the front. E.g. "20oC = 68oF":



If you find issues with how your text is interpreted, please report them to info@chemix.org, sending:

  1. The text you've typed
  2. A screenshot of how it was rendered.
  3. A description of what you expected to happen

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