Image formats

Chemix can save your diagrams in various image formats.


Most versatile image format, supports transparency and can be used in variety of documents, PDFs, Google Docs, uploaded to Dropbox, Google Drive as well as shared over email. By default, Chemix will export your image to PNG at highest zoom level which results in a high-resolution image.

More on PNG images on Wikipedia.


Unlike PNG, which is a raster format, SVG is a vector formats. Instead of storing colour values for pixels, SVG stores the points and curves that make up the image. Therefore, SVG images can be scaled indefinitely, without loss of detail. For Chemix diagrams, this also usually results in SVG files being smaller. 

Image result for vector vs raster

However, SVG files are not universally supported and depending on where you plan to use your diagram, it may not display correctly.

More on SVG images on Wikipedia.

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