How do I change the amount of liquid and its colour

Chemix 2.0

One of our users' favourite features is being able to use container apparatus with liquids!

Here's how to do it:

  1. Add an apparatus that contains a liquid

  2. Select the Fluid Tool. You can also press "2" on your keyboard
  3. Click on the liquid to change its colour
    4. Drag to change the amount

Note you can rotate the apparatus and the liquid will rotate itself correctly. Remember to switch back to the Select Tool first, or pressing "1" on your keyboard.

Chemix 3.0

In Chemix 3.0, the process has been simplified:

  1. Add an apparatus that contains a liquid, e.g. beakers, flasks, test tubes...

  2. In the properties panel, there is a slider that allows you to change the amount of liquid

  3. You can also select any colour

All liquids will respond to rotation and level out.

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