What's New - Beta

3.1.3 June 2019

  • New items:
    • Gas syringe is back!
    • S-bent tube
    • U-bent tube
    • 3-way and 4-way tube
    • Tube width adapter
  • Minor fixes to modal dialogs

3.1.2 June 2019

  • New items:
    • Watch glass (can contain small amounts of liquids)
    • Spotting tile: 2x3, 3x4 and 4x4 configurations
    • Plastic/Disposable pipette
    • Bench mat in ceramic colour
    • Nail is back!
  • Item improvements
    • Default Tripod size adjusted to fit Bunsen burner
    • Drops can now be round and snap to Spotting tile dimples.
  • Fixed Margins on sliders in property panel

3.1.1June 2019

  • New items: Retort Ring, Tube with side arm, Sticker label,
  • Fixed error saving images in Internet Explorer and Edge browsers
  • New features:
    • Arrow with labels can now be edited
    • Move items using keyboard
  • Item improvements:
    • Bung: Added hole, additional orange colour, round corners
    • Fixed Liebig Condenser
    • Table: Shorten or remove legs
    • Label: Larger font

3.1.0May 2019

  • Initial Early Access release

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