How to resize apparatus

To resize an item in Chemix, click on it, making sure it is the only selected item.

A property panel should appear on the right side. If the item is resizable, there will be sliders and other options that allow you to change the size and other visual properties of the item. 

If an item is not customisable to your needs, let us know on or via chat and we'll get back to you.

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Older versions of Chemix

To resize an apparatus, click on it. If the apparatus supports resizing, there will be a slider using which you can change its size. Make sure there is only one apparatus selected, the slider will not appear if you select more than 1 apparatus.

Unfortunately not all apparatus is resizable. This is the list of items that can be currently resized:

  • Beaker
  • Displacement Beaker
  • Thermometer
  • Test tube rack
  • Tripod
  • Transport tube
  • Crucible
  • Table

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