Adding text labels and arrows

Yes! Here's how:

  1. To add labels to your diagram, first select the "Label diagram" tool.
  2. Click and drag to draw an arrow with a label
  3. In the property panel, click on the text field to customise the text


  • To move the label, select the "Select & Move items" tool.
  • To change where the arrow is pointing, click and drag the arrow head

Current limitations

  • We only support single line text
  • We don't support font customisations (font family, size) yet
  • We don't support different arrow styles yet

This will be worked on and improved over time.

Alternative: Use the "Label" item

An alternative is to add the "Label" from "Decorative" section. Note this is designed for use on glassware, bottles etc. but can also be used for labelling the diagram itself.

Older versions of Chemix

Older versions of Chemix do not support adding arrows or text labels. If you're using it, we recommend that you use Chemix to create your lab diagram and then save it as an image first, then use another editor, such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs or to add the arrows and text.

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